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About Photopress Belfast

Photopress Belfast is a Belfast based freelance photographic company established in 1993 and specializing in press and PR photography for a wide range of national, international and local newspapers, magazines and television companies.
      We have a network of local photographers across Northern Ireland and have affiliated freelance contacts in the 
Republic of Ireland. We can, of course, provide services outside of Northern Ireland if required. 
      Our award winning team boasts five Northern Ireland Press Photographer of the Year titles, one all Ireland Press Photographer of the Year winner, one Nikon UK News Picture of the Year title and one Kodak UK Picture of the Year Award as well as numerous award wins in various individual competition categories, including Sport, People, Features, Picture Essays and of course News.      
       High quality digital images can be downloaded directly from the site by vetted and approved news and media organisations. After registration a password will be provided.
       The site has a public access area that users are free to browse and prints may be purchased at the rates listed, by contacting us either by phone or by e-mail.
       Photopress Belfast was founded by Alan Lewis who is currently Chairman of the Northern Ireland Press Photographers Association, holding the position since 2008. (NIPPA website